Fixed Wire Testing (Condition report)

As required under the Electricity at Work Act 1989 Fixed Wire Testing is the testing of the circuits contained within the fabric of your building. This includes the socket outlets, lighting circuits and various others. The two main dangers associated with electricity are risk of shock and risk of fire. Over time installations deteriorate, and it is in the best interest of not only yourself and employees, but your insurance company that you have an installation that is not only electrically sound, but free from risk of fire.

Our fixed wire testing service includes:

  • Testing of all electrical circuits 100% within the building complete with NICEIC Documentation to accompany each test.
  • Code 1 faults (highly dangerous or serious danger to life) rectifed at time of visit. In addition to all other faults highlighted in your report, quotations can be provided for any additional remidial work.
  • Documentation of work presented on IEE standard reports to comply with legislative and insurance requirements.
  • Full certification of your building to IEE17th Edition.
  • Oakrange is an NICEIC contractor.
  • In addition to a full electrical site safety check, we also conduct a survey on potential areas of energy savings. For example identifying areas within your building which would benefit from sensors or timers on lighting circuits or the changing of high energy lights for low energy alternatives (LED's, Compact fluorescent lamps).

We are aware of the problems faced by many sites with regards to rogue electrical companies billing dealerships for work that is not necessary. We carry out an independent assessment and certification of a dealership and inform the site management of any major work that is required.